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Calves in a pasture


The RTI Clinical Research team excels at constructing a comprehensive plan tailored to each client's specific study needs. RTI is capable of integrating any and all of the following into a successful animal health trial:

  • Protocol development and construction

  • Animal procurement

  • Flexible facility scheduling

  • Biosecurity advisement

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

  • High standard of animal husbandry

  • Precise data capture with quality assurance department

  • Clear, efficient communication

  • End of study reporting

  • Manuscript composition

Our combined laboratory and clinical expertise makes us a great choice for a wide spectrum of animal trials including:

  • Proof of concept
  • Vaccine efficacy
  • Vaccine safety
  • Duration of immunity
  • Pharmacology efficacy and tissue residue
  • Feed additive efficacy and performance

For more information please send an email to and we will be in contact with you soon!