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If you are interested in any of RTI's products, please fill out our request form below and we will get an invoice emailed to you as soon as we can. 


  • Payment by credit card,  over the phone or via email, and by electronic bank wire accepted
    PO #s accepted from established clients
  • Shipping & handling depends on where you are located. Each order may vary.
    • You are more than welcome to use your own FedEx account number
    • We ship priority overnight
    • $15 handling fee will apply
  • ONLY ship Monday or Tuesday of each week


  • Bank wire required before we ship your product + a $30 fee
  • Products are shipped on dry ice which is an additional fee of $90
  • We will ship your product priority
  • Our shipping box dimensions are 16x16x16 and weigh about 17 lbs, 15lbs of which is dry ice
  • ALL shipping costs are at the expense of the purchaser 
    • YOUR FedEx account number is REQUIRED in order for us to ship your product
  • ONLY ship Monday of each week