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Pre-Clinical Sciences

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Pre-Clinical Sciences

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Pre-Clinical Sciences

Pre-Clinical Sciences

The RTI Research team excels at constructing a comprehensive approach tailored to execute on each client's specific study. 

  • Protocol development and construction

  • Animal procurement and flexible facility scheduling

  • Biosecure containment with exceptional animal husbandry and clinical care

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (In-House) and welfare audited

  • Quality Assurance and Control with precise data integrity and full auditing

  • Clear, immediate and expert study communication

  • End of study reporting and scientific/manuscript writing

  • Electronic Data Capture competent

Our combined laboratory and clinical scientists provide a wide spectrum of animal trials including:

  • Small molecule, biopharma, and biologics proof of concept and efficacy
  • Vaccine and drug safety including full research pathology 
  • Duration of immunity, immunogenicity, shed/spread
  • Pharmacology efficacy and tissue residue
  • Feed additive efficacy and performance

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